Friday, 8 July 2011

Dusty treasures

My sons, through methods and with reasons I cannot fathom, have discovered a love for antique stores. They revel in looking through the heaps of dusty rubble, unearthing treasures. Having spent time with them at various such nests I have myself developed an interest in broken old jewelry. I'm beginning to collect some of these pieces in hopes of restoring some and "converting" others.
I like the intricate detail on this piece. (It doesn't show up so well in the picture, sorry.) I'm planning on replacing those hangy bits with something daintier, perhaps some colour too.

I think these clip-on earrings are absolutely hideous, but I love the orange crystals dangling from them. I'll be taking those off and using them elsewhere. Also, the scroll-ish looking bit along the bottom that the dangling parts are hanging from are quite pretty, if I can just find a way to separate them from the ugly part.

See what I mean? It's like a peacock's tail!

I thought these glass beads were pretty. I'd like to find a way to feature each one of them; they're so interesting.

This bracelet I love, just the way it is. It's sad that some of the stones are missing. I'd love to replace them if I can. Even if I can't I'll be wearing it as is anyway.
Hopefully I'll be getting around to doing the things I have planned for this stuff sometime soon.

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