Sunday, 20 November 2011

daffy nuptials

Something you can count on is that nothing stays the same. The cute little fluffy ducklings of the spring are now full grown ducks, laying eggs and "doing things", as Simon puts it. These "things" are what led him to think that the ducks should really get married. And because we are just that weird, we decided to do it.
Here are some snapshots of the big day:

 Bill and Dipper, the grooms, waiting expectantly for Lucky and Constance.

Here come the brides!

The ceremony was short and sweet, perfect for a duck's attention span.

Simon took care of the flowers.
(It wasn't easy this time of year, I think my mums suffered a bit.)

I made the ducks a wedding cake.
They didn't get to cut it themselves, but they did get to have some!

I'm not sure cake is something they like. Crazy ducks!

And finally, the event wouldn't be complete without a honeymoon.

And that's it! May they enjoy long, happy lives of marital bliss.
Raise a glass with me, "To the quacky couples"!

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