Tuesday, 28 June 2011


I keep thinking about this question of motivation. Ultimately it seems to come down to needing approval. That is why we want the pat on the back; we want to know that we are seen as valuable, to be approved. That just brings me to another question.
Why do we want anyone else's approval anyway? Does it matter? And who are we looking to obtain this approval from? Anyone and everyone? Or just an elite group? I was mulling this all over while I was running, whick can lead to some bizzarre thoughts, but I really want to sort this out. I don't want to be motivated by a need for approval. I want more than that. So what I thought was that all I should really need is God's approval. Talk about the ultimate in delayed gratification though; I won't know I have that approval until I'm dead! Maybe that's why it's easier to settle for the approval of other people, at least you get it right away. I think I'd like to aim for the big prize though. The approval of God. Yeah, that's what I want. Next question: How?

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